The European Union will be Region of Honour in the next edition of Alimentaria México

Mexico is the second-largest Latin American market for European food and beverages

Mexico, a country with 128 million people is the European Union’s (EU) second-largest trading partner in Latin America, behind Brazil. The EU is Mexico’s third-largest trading partner. To demonstrate the importance of this bilateral relationship, the EU will be the Region of Honour at the Expo ANTAD & Alimentaria México 2019, which will take place in Guadalajara from 5 to 7 March 2019.

The EU will promote/showcase a wide variety of quality European food products. The EU Pavilion will also host a number of exciting activities, including cooking shows assisted by renowned chefs, food and wine tastings as well as targeted information sessions on the safety and quality of European products. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about European long-standing farming traditions, food production, and all about the EU’s highest safety standards.

Mexico has become strategic market for sales of goods and services originating from the European continent. In 2017, trade between the EU and Mexico grew at 16.8%. Demand for European food and beverages has also increased significantly among Mexican consumers, which is why the EU wishes to raise awareness about the vast array of quality products, production methods and safety standards available to Mexican consumers and retailers.

The EU is indeed home to some of the world’s leading quality and safety standards for agricultural, food and beverage products, stemming from centuries-long traditions of farming and food production. Agricultural products from the EU have been recognised for their diversity, safety, quality and traceability, all forming a unique and trusted culinary experience.

The EU is Mexico’s third-largest trading partner, which, in turn, is the second-largest buyer from the EU in Latin America, after Brazil. The total amount of trade between them amounted to 62,000 million euros related to goods and 15,000 million euros for services in 2017. In the food sector, the EU annually exports food and beverages to Mexico worth 1.4 billion euros, which accounts for 1% of its global exports of agri-food products.

Easier bilateral business

Thus, with its presence at the fair, the EU will celebrate its stable economic relationship with Mexico, and will publicise the benefits of a new bilateral trade agreement which broadens and enhances the scope of the one currently governing the bilateral trade relations since 2000. These benefits include the new legal framework, which eliminates the high Mexican tariffs on imports of key EU food products such as pasta and confectionery, cheeses, fruit, canned food and practically all pork and poultry products. The above will represent annual savings for European exporters totalling almost 100 million euros a year.

According to Ricardo Márquez, the fair’s director, “the EU’s institutional presence at the fair within this new relational framework is highly positive for the European food industry, as it will create new opportunities for exports, growth and promotion for a strategic sector in the continent’s economy”.

According to data provided by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography of the Mexican Government (INEGI in its Spanish initials), 40% of the population belongs to the middle and upper classes. Around 12 million Mexican consumers are estimated to be interested in searching for healthy, innovative and gourmet products and the trend is on the rise.

Similarly, the EU is a major producer of regional foods and beverages and intends to promote around 340 varieties of wines, spirits and foods with Geographical Indications that will be protected through the new agreement, while also informing Mexican consumers about the risk of potential imitations.

Internationalising the Expo ANTAD

One of the priorities of the next Expo ANTAD & Alimentaria Mexico Fair is to promote the internationalisation of the exhibiting companies. The previous fair was held in March 2018 at Expo Guadalajara, bringing together more than 1,900 companies (73% of them from the food and beverage sector) to 48,000 m² of exhibition area, as well as 49,300 professionals from industry, retail, distribution and the Food Service channel. 25% of the companies present at the event come from about thirty countries, mainly the USA, Canada, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

As for visitors, 24% come from abroad and most of them conduct their professional activity as importers, distributors, cruise providers and hotel and restaurant chain professionals.

Cold meats and cured sausages, alcoholic and alcohol-free drinks, canned food, dairy products, ready-meals and frozen and functional foods are the categories with the greatest number of international products at the fair, which has positioned itself as a leader in Latin America. It is organised by Alimentaria Exhibitions, a Fira de Barcelona company, and ANTAD, the National Association of Supermarket Stores and Department Stores.

Barcelona, Jenuary 2019

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